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Sweet, Sweet, Sweetness…

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

o, I was about to go to bed… then I decided to check my e-mail… nothing… no love from the bill collectors… then I decided to check the junk folder (because hotmail sucks like that,) and I got an e-mail from Matt Flood @ Asbestos Records saying that I just might be the winner of the “Design a Cover Contest” for Bomb the Music Industry! – Goodbye Cool World limited edition vinyl release… then I was so excited, my only regret was being out of beer. He said they’ll know for sure tomorrow or so… work is about to go soooooo slooooow tomorrow. Anyway, if I did win, you should all buy a copy because they’re a great band, and hey… it’s all about a good 12″ record for your turntable. Not to mention you’d get to own a nice finished, printed piece of nick p art. I know I want one… but I think I get one anyway. Anyway, that’s enough rambling… I gotsta work early tomorrow. g’night all.
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Beastie Boys – Aglio E Olio

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Aglio E Olio frontAglio E Olio back

When I was in high school EVERYONE I knew listened to the Beastie Boys. I think I first heard them on MTV doing either Fight for Your Right, or No Sleep ’til Brooklyn. Whatever the case may have been, it’s pretty amazing that they’ve still remained in the mainstream for as long as they have. Especially being as diverse as they are (see: The Sounds of Science.)

I was always interested in the fact that they would often retouch on their punk rock roots, like on the Ill Communication album with songs like Heart Attack Man. I usually rank them in with the lump some of my favorite punk bands, and it’s funny because nowadays a lot of people don’t even know about this. Anyway… this EP, Aglio E Olio, came out in 1995 and one of my friends had it on CD. I had looked for it forever, and after doing some research on (and with a little help from Napster) I was able to track down all ten tracks from (I believe) the Australian pressing of this. My friends CD was only 8 tracks, but it’s just not complete without the Doors cover…. anyway, for a while this was pretty hard to find, but I saw it up on eBay a few weeks ago…So, without any further adieu: Aglio E Olio

Beastie Boys – Aglio E Olio (Fellaheen / Grand Royal, 1995)

01. Brand New
02. Deal With It
03. Believe Me
04. Nervous Assistant
05. Square Wave In Unison
06. You Catch A Bad One
07. I Can’t Think Straight
08. I Want Some
09. Soba Violence
10. Light My Fire


V/A – Co-Ed Rock N Roll Rumble

Friday, March 30th, 2007

Co-Ed Rock N Roll Rumble FrontCo-Ed Rock N Roll Rumble Back

I used to read this sweet-ass little magazine called Carbon 14. They have a website. Now, it’s no secret that I’m not really that big into reading….but this magazine was just packed full of great artwork and illustrations, and quick little articles even a short attention span like myself can get into…not to mention every issue comes with a free 7inch. Anyway, I had all but forgotten about it (because I hadn’t seen it in years,) until one day I was at Borders doing some research for school (when low and behold…)

Carbon 14, Issue #24

The theme for the record with this issue was all girl-fronted bands. Let me tell you, this is all great stuff…..side A is probably my favorite, but there really isn’t a bad track on here. In fact, the only bad thing about this is… …that I haven’t seen Carbon 14 since I bought this issue. Maybe I should hang out at the bookstore more..?!? Anyway….check this out, it’s sweet ass Rock N Roll.

V/A – Co-Ed Rock N Roll Rumble (Carbon 14, 2004)

01. High School Sweethearts – Chicks Dig (High Powered Car Stereos)
02. Blare Bitch Project – Shut the Fuck Up
03. The Downbeat 5 – Dum Dum Ditty
04. The DT’s – Heartbreaker


VA – Play at Your Own Risk Vol. 1

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Just a couple of uploads from a great 7inch comp pressed in the early 90’s. One of my favorites, F.Y.P performs Allergic. Easily one of my favorite F.Y.P songs for years…..I’ve always tried to imagine what it would sound like covered by other bands….perhaps Todd should look into putting out an F.Y.P cover album…might be interesting seeing that they did so many covers in their day. The second track is Vomit by Bored to Death. I’ve been looking for this band’s 7inch for years. These are probably the two bands that got me really into the sloppy fast punk rock that I listen to today. If anyone has a copy of the Bored to Death 7inch I’d love to hear it…..anyway, no sketches as of yet, maybe I’ll post some later today……maybe not, we’ll see…..

1. F.Y.P – Allergic
2. The Yeah Mos – Break Them Open
3. The Gr’ups – On the Way to Frisco
4. Sheep Squeeze – Vespa
5. Bored to Death – Vomit
6. Degenerates – Johnny Was a Racist

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

The 2nd sketch from an idea relating to a multitude of ideas I’ve had before. Part of a series if you will….2nd piece awaiting production for the s.h.o.w.