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My Girlfriend Hates This Shit

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

New B.C.R.-ish track up on Soundcloud… and because I know people (apparently) hate not having lyrics, I figured I would transcribe them here, and perhaps the old blog will relay the message to facebook.

(Gonna do a practice run)

We’re burning out fast in a dead scene
People say it’s ok, but it still reeks like shit to me
We never separated from the old crew
Still kick the same shit that we talked back in ’02
Our dreams have died, but from ashes they rise
Compromise in our lives is the world that consumes me
We may be broken in our minds, but realize
Portland, San Diego, Iowa City, Asheville, but still Ypsi

My Girlfriend Hates This Shit (2x)

Give it up for the Belleville crew
In East Ypsi spilling my drink
Can’t think of the next line, but…
I’ll hit you up on the next time, what?
No contests per request
Never did punk the best in the middle west, cunts!