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My Girlfriend Hates This Shit

April 3rd, 2012

New B.C.R.-ish track up on Soundcloud… and because I know people (apparently) hate not having lyrics, I figured I would transcribe them here, and perhaps the old blog will relay the message to facebook.

(Gonna do a practice run)

We’re burning out fast in a dead scene
People say it’s ok, but it still reeks like shit to me
We never separated from the old crew
Still kick the same shit that we talked back in ’02
Our dreams have died, but from ashes they rise
Compromise in our lives is the world that consumes me
We may be broken in our minds, but realize
Portland, San Diego, Iowa City, Asheville, but still Ypsi

My Girlfriend Hates This Shit (2x)

Give it up for the Belleville crew
In East Ypsi spilling my drink
Can’t think of the next line, but…
I’ll hit you up on the next time, what?
No contests per request
Never did punk the best in the middle west, cunts!

Shit is About to Hit the Fan

September 7th, 2011

So… it’s been about a year since I’ve written in this blog…

– AND – has been hacked… so now it’s going to be strictly portfolio. is going to be all font related, because I have no idea how to integrate that into my own design portfolio. Plus, it might get me some feedback on stuff. The main reason that I say shit is gonna hit the fan is because, I’ve gotta update WordPress on this site… I can’t even upload images anymore. I’m probably going to have to make the template a lot more modern as well and integrate it with the other sites (I’d post pictures of the idea, but I can’t until I update.) Anyway, it’s way past time to go to bed… I’ll try to import any past blogs I have in other places and this will become my central blog (again) …just like old times.

JFA – Mad Garden

July 11th, 2011

All through high school people told me to check out this band. Back then that was a lot easier said then done, it took me until the creation of Napster before I ever heard the sweet sounds of Jodie Fosters Army. This is probably my favorite JFA of the EPs, it just kicks right in with its title track and keeps the same energy throughout (Perhaps with the exception of the Peanuts cover). Either way, this is a classic for fans of early skate-punk and other classic California acts like Stalag 13 and Black Flag.


  1. Mad Garden
  2. Rushing Bull
  3. Charlie Brown
  4. I Want


Intro5pect – Realpolitik!

July 11th, 2011

I don’t really consider myself to be a fan of Electro, but I’ve always been a loyal fan of punk rock. The first time I heard this was a demo version of the first track, The War at Home, on Myspace a couple years ago. At the time I liked it because I was a Leftover Crack fan, and the track had Stza on it. I’d never really heard the rest of the album until pretty recently though, and I must say… this shit is quality. A lot of the singalong chorus parts really remind me of Anti-Flag, while the overall sound is reminiscent of Atari Teenage Riot or the Refused.


  1. The War At Home
  2. Opressing You
  3. Crooked Lies (Make Baby Jesus Cry)
  4. For Blood, Under God
  5. No Compromises
  6. Nazi White Trash
  7. Goodbye, Goodnight


…I’m just here to read the meter.

September 9th, 2010

Just a quick up to date on what I’ve been up too… making fonts, that’s what.


I’ve got 2 in production right now, a handwritten script (Timmo) and a grunge font (Norkish). I’ve also been thinking of putting some of my other fonts I’ve produced over the years up on I’d hate being known for Orange Book and nothing else. When I finish these two I will also make available the following early versions of the old fonts: Fueled By Schlitz, I Hate Astronauts and Bleek on remedy667. Hope you’re excited, I know I sure am…

Open Studios

I’ve been drawing a lot… a lot of drawing a blank. I need some ideas for this, I think I may be at a loss… but I want this to go to print by tomorrow. I’m thinking of going with a horror theme, or something with pumpkins… hmmmm, we’ll see. Check back tomorrow for this conclusion. As for now, I’ve got to clean… then it’s off to the foundry.