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VA – Play at Your Own Risk Vol. 1

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Just a couple of uploads from a great 7inch comp pressed in the early 90’s. One of my favorites, F.Y.P performs Allergic. Easily one of my favorite F.Y.P songs for years…..I’ve always tried to imagine what it would sound like covered by other bands….perhaps Todd should look into putting out an F.Y.P cover album…might be interesting seeing that they did so many covers in their day. The second track is Vomit by Bored to Death. I’ve been looking for this band’s 7inch for years. These are probably the two bands that got me really into the sloppy fast punk rock that I listen to today. If anyone has a copy of the Bored to Death 7inch I’d love to hear it…..anyway, no sketches as of yet, maybe I’ll post some later today……maybe not, we’ll see…..

1. F.Y.P – Allergic
2. The Yeah Mos – Break Them Open
3. The Gr’ups – On the Way to Frisco
4. Sheep Squeeze – Vespa
5. Bored to Death – Vomit
6. Degenerates – Johnny Was a Racist