medicine supplier from Canadian pharmacy with no script.

Bills Bills Bills


It’s almost Christmas….I got this cool Spy VS Spy thing from my sister, and a Borders gift card from my brother. The whole family is coming over, and sometime soon we have to go to church, which should be fun…..right? Probably not. I’m bringing a book. All I want to do is sleep….my sister says she’s waking everyone up at 6:00. I just want to sleep in until the suns out, then wake up and start drinking. That sounds like a good day, playing around on the computer with movies going on in the background. My boss got us a try of shrimp today, that was awesome. I got iodine poisoning. Anywho, now I’m sitting here all bored wishing I was out doing something else for the holidays, but I guess it’s good to be with your family for the holidays.

I’m so tired, how much you want to bet I pass out in church. I hope don’t snore…..not like it matters, just as long as I get woken up when it’s time to drink the wine. Ok…..well, I gotta finish cleaning up my room so…..

Happy Holidays Everyone,

n i ck

P.S. – Bills are due soon, but the holidays were fun. I hope everyone is having a good time whatever they are doing and where ever they may be….be safe.

P.S.S. – Dead bodies (the’re in my trunk)