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Not Material

Dear Who Cares (really),

No Material of any kind…please, maybe. Anyway…..sorry I’m lame, I’m bored, I’m neurotic, loathing, and stricken with insomnia…..but I swear. A lot. Like fuck, and shit, and piss, ass, cunt, whore, bitch, fuck, dick, anyway…….born with a dick and still football makes no sense to me. Shouldn’t it work like an antenna for sports stations. So what if I’m lazy…..I’m publicly posting emails…..

E-mail #1

Happy New Year and merry whatever religious holiday you may celebrate. I got a wacom tablet for Christmas. Plus socks, shoes, some movies, and a years worth of issues to work out. Yay me. I got a letter from Washtenaw telling me they are referring me to a collection agency. Interesting? anywho, I’ll know on the 4th if I’m getting into all the classes I need…….oh well, I hope your break goes well. Ok, enough drunken ramble….

P.S. – I’m sorry if non of this makes sense.

P.S.S. – hotmail would rule if it had a spell check

Email #2

Hey, just wondering how your class was going……..maybe I’ll take it if WCC still offers it by the time the decide they don’t hate me. Anyway, I got Sean of the Dead, and the new Resident Evil……the first is good, but Apocolypse (sp?) has a bunch of weird comic relief…..I’m not sure if I like it, anyway…..write back or some shit.

hating everything,
n i ck

P.S. – I totally forgot what I was gonna write here (probably an apology for bad spelling)

P.S.S. – oh yeah…..if you’re just designing cherectors (however the fuck thats spelled) then why just nicelodeon…….and if you’re writing shows and creating animations and what not then……..why just nicelodeon. Cartoon Network is raping them as far as good cartoons go. I do, however, wish I had the Ren & Stimpy boxed set.

P.S.S.S.S. – sorry…..,but I’m not in jail 🙂

Eat paste, it’s good for you…..I need sleep, but I fear it’s impossible. Perhaps in a day I’ll just shut the fuck up……this is all retarded…..

computer geek,
n i ck

P.S. – and all at once it seemed like it was never te right material….I feel like I’m someone else, and I would totally hate me if I where.

P.S.S. – nevermind because I don’t remember anyway….it probably wasn’t important…..