medicine supplier from Canadian pharmacy with no script.


Letters ‘R’ Stoopid,

So I got to work on time this morning, but then I went to grab my name-tag and it wasn’t there…….the bosses at Meijer are such…is cock-suckers the word I’m searching for?….anyway, they make you buy a new name-tag if you forget yours….so I got to go home and be 15 minutes late. I don’t know why it wasn’t in my car anyway. Pumpkinini….I got beer for yule. It was exciting, well….I’m about to balance my checkbook. Depending on how that goes I may hang myself. Either way I’m broke as fuck….I gotta pay bills. Um….as for right now I’m tired, and so I’m going to nap in this freezing cold room…

talk to me later,
n i ck

P.S. – I’ll be on the T.V.