medicine supplier from Canadian pharmacy with no script.

Like, OMFG… Rudabagas!

I need to cut some wood for the PAF… I’m never going to have any paintings done! I’m never going to have any bootlegs (painted records) done! Whatever… I probably won’t be the only person there with a bare looking table. Anyway, the website isn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Right now we’re in the process of doing a small magazine as an advertisement for the RIC. It may end up being somewhat of a newsletter, depending on how good it does. Anyway, the cover image is Mark’s flyer. I made it look like a stack of them and edited it so you can’t see the sponsers (we’ve been running into some issues with logo usage. Anyway, it looks good. I make no promises about the final product though…

I have faith. Anyone want to share a table at the PAF?