medicine supplier from Canadian pharmacy with no script.

…types of fish that are yellow.

Dear Scantily Clad,

So….I went to bed pretty early yesterday in hopes of being well rested enough to go out to Ypsi and get some of this homework done during open lab today. I got off work at 3, and came home to check my email and noticed that there was a message in there saying that we didn’t have open lab today. Excellent. Now I’m feeling even further behind, though there should be no doubt in my mind that I will successfully finish all of my deadlines, I can’t help but feel a little worried with the close of the semester coming quite so fast.

Miranda’s showering boyfriend in the final episode is a fucking tool, for real. Hmmm, I think I’m hungry….and I got some drawings and stuff to scan in. Not to mention the crayon drawings that I have to do for web design (which I might put off ’til tuesday.) Nevermind, I’m neurotic. I think I just figured it all out…ah yes. Ok….now, to make the title relevant. There are many types of fish that are yellow, but I am not one of them.

I’m lying yes I am,
n i ck

P.S. – …because I have to, it’s my religion.

P.S.S. – I think Scantily Clad will be a good name for the newest of the short song BCR albums….um, I guess let me know what you think….err….yeah, that sounds promising. Anyway,…