medicine supplier from Canadian pharmacy with no script.

Double Time in a Half was Fun….for the first hour.

Dear Telephone #,

Have you any idea how many fools are standing in line to buy cameras at 5 in the morning the day after the turkey feast. It’s a goddamn, fucking, shit, fucking, piss, ass, bitch, cunt, whore….seriously. I was drinking beer all Thanksgiving, I didn’t need to get up at 5. I didn’t really need to deal with people either….oh well. So I’ve been eating leftovers like crazy today…and there was some good sales. I got 100 blank CD’s for $17, a Gun’s and Roses CD for $6, and a clue. Well, not really…but I got the game for I dunno…like $7 maybe. Now me and Nicci have a new game to play…

Other than that I suppose I should do homework or something…on that note, I may try to finally graduate college next semester. Yeah right though, we’ll see, who knows….fuck it. It’s not like it’ll make me any smarter, or better at what I do.

n i ck

P.S. – Or will it…? I’m beyond help, but I can’t wait to see Ron Livingston (from Office Space) in Season 6.