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Stone makes a Belgian?!?

So it’s come time again for moving, and that’s never fun… but hey, there’s an upside. YAY! I’ve never lived alone before so now I’ll have more time to scare the shit out of myself, drink too much, forget to sleep, make art, and be clumsy. Look forward to a thinner Nick P with a beer-belly who is covered in bruises and paint. Anyway, the move is almost over and I’m just sitting around the old flat drinking with the cats. Facebook is down, and I’m really bad about writing in my blog so… Hey! Talking to a brick wall, here I come. Anyway, I’m hoping to have sometime to complete a few freelance web jobs I’ve had kicking around over the last few months, as well as finish the Coats & Corpses website. Hey, maybe I’ll even have time to make a portfolio for myself. Then the real money comes in. Anyway, I’m planning on doing some more printmaking type stuff. So anyone interested in owning a little artwork… eh? Your prayers may soon be answered. Goodnight all…