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A Glorious Day for a Sacrifice

Dear Cruel Nothingness,

My computer at home is completely and utterly fucked. It’s true. So now here I am, typing away at school thinking of absolutely nothing, we almost didn’t have computers for my commercial illustration class, but John moved the classroom so it all worked out. It is through this miracle of science that makes me able to talk to you all today. There are sick children in other countries who may not have such extravagant gifts as ours. I sat in my car for about 45 minutes and read more of Nine Stories….even though it’s short it’s taking me forever, but I’m way past the halfway point. Hmmmm…..I got all my shit together for once, what more is there to say.

So this is how it must end. On a cold day like today, in an empty room like this one. We look back on forgotten dreams. Dreams that once plagued our minds to the brink of insanity and we ask ourselves……Would I like cream or sugar?

So it goes,

n i ck