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Washington State Purchase And Sale Agreement Form 21

(2) Excise Duty on Real Property: The State of Washington imposes a tax on the sale of real estate. The state tax rate is 0.0128%, although counties or municipalities may levy additional taxes. The tax applies to the seller, but the buyer may be held liable for the tax if it cannot be levied by the seller. The tax is usually levied by the county upon presentation of sales records for registration in the public record. Guardian. In Washington, property management is classified under the heading “real estate brokerage services”. As a result, property managers in Washington must have a brokerage license. Faced with this case, buyers in Washington must be very careful about what they buy. If you are a buyer and you receive indications of a defect in the property, you must confirm the deal before closing the sale. If you don`t, it will likely prevent you from suing the seller in the future. The Washington Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement is used when an offer to purchase real estate is made.

The agreement initiates the negotiation process by indicating the buyer`s proposal to buy the property. The offer includes the purchase price requested and other conditions set by the buyer. The seller has a certain period of time to be able to respond to the offer before it expires. During this time, the Seller may modify the Terms by making a counter-offer to the Buyer. If both parties agree on the terms of purchase, they can sign the document to create a legally binding obligation to transfer ownership of the property. In the registration agreement, the seller authorizes the listing company to appoint a listing broker to act as the seller`s agent. The registration agreement provides that no other broker affiliated with the listing company is an agent of the seller, unless the listing company appoints other brokers to act on behalf of the seller if necessary. If the Company hires another broker to represent the Seller, that broker will be considered a “sub-agent” under paragraph RCW 18.86.020(1)(b).

Records and budgets of the Owners` Association. The records of financial corporations or other leading corporations include minutes of meetings of boards of directors and members as well as annual financial statements. HOA`s Washington boards are required to send a summary of each proposed regular or special budget to all owners within 30 days of the council`s adoption of the budget and 14 to 60 days before the owners consider ratification. This summary includes detailed information on current and future valuations and reserve account balances, as well as recommended future funding levels for the reserve account. .

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