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Stock Purchase Agreement California Sample

6.2. Measures taken by the Management Board. The Board of Directors may also adjust the number of shares subject to this Agreement and the terms of this Agreement to take account of substantial changes in accounting practices or principles, windfall dividends, acquisitions or disposals of shares or property or any other event, if the Board of Directors considers that such an adjustment is appropriate to avoid any distortion in the implementation of this Agreement. While the Founder wishes to purchase and the Company wishes to issue and sell shares of its common shares with a par value of $0.000001 per share (the “Common Shares”) under the conditions set forth herein. 4.3.3. If Buyer is not a U.S. person (as defined in Section 7701(a)(30) of the 1986 Internal Income Code as amended, Buyer hereby represents that it has ensured full compliance with the laws of its jurisdiction in connection with an invitation to subscribe for or use the Shares, including (i) legal requirements in its area of jurisdiction for the purchase of the Shares, (ii) any exchange restrictions that apply to such a purchase, (iii) any state or other consents that may be sought, and (iv) income tax and other tax consequences, if any, that may be relevant to the purchase, taking, withdrawal, sale or transfer of the shares. The subscription and payment of the buyer and the continuation of the economic ownership of the shares do not violate the securities in force or other laws of jurisdiction of the buyer. 11.

Non-supply of shares. If the Founder (or his/her legal representative), who has been required to sell shares under this Agreement, does not provide such shares to the Company in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Company may, in addition to any other remedies of which it is aware, provide the Founder with the purchase price of such shares, as set forth below, Send. Subsequently, the corporation destroys: (i) the certificate or certificates representing those shares for sale in its books; and (ii) issue (or destroy such shares) a new certificate or certificate in the name of the corporation representing such shares and, thereafter, all rights of the founder in such shares shall be extinguished. The next part of this agreement, which is to be debated, is “XI. Law in force”. The blank line in this article requires the state whose laws apply to this transaction and the conduct of both parties involved. 3.1.2. Exercise of the right of pre-emption. Within thirty days of receipt of the notification, the enterprise and/or its assignment(s) may at any time choose, by written notice to the bearer, to acquire, at the purchase price fixed under subsection iii below, all the shares, but not less than all the shares to be transferred to one or more of the proposed purchasers. 3.1.5. Right of transfer of the holder. If all the shares proposed in the Communication, which are to be transferred to a particular proposed purchaser, are not acquired by the Company and/or its disposals in accordance with this Section 3.1.5, the holder may sell or transfer such shares to the Proposed Purchaser at the offer price or at a higher price.

provided that such a sale or other assignment takes place within 60 days of the date of notification and that such sale or other assignment is made in accordance with applicable securities laws and that the proposed transferee agrees in writing that the provisions of this Section 3 continue to apply to the shares held in the hands of that proposed purchaser. . . .

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