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Restaurant Licensing Agreement

A mortgage, trust deed or debt guarantee deed currently weighs on the premises. The fact that the holder of such an office is subject to a written agreement of subordination and non-disruption with the tenant in a form acceptable to the franchisee is a condition precedent for the tenant`s obligations arising from this rental agreement. The whole deal. This Agreement, together with any additions, schedules or facilities attached to this Agreement, contain the entire agreement between the Parties regarding the operation of the Restaurant and the Licensed Activity, and the Parties have not provided any assurances, inducements, promises, agreements, agreements or commitments, whether oral or written, or have not relied on the fact that the Parties are other than those set forth therein. No agreement that modifies, modifies, modifies, waives or modifies any of the terms of this Agreement shall be bound by either party, unless in writing and executed by all interested parties. Client permissions. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the rental agreement, the tenant may terminate this rental agreement by written notification to the lessor if the tenant is unable to obtain licenses, building permits, signage permits, waivers, subdivision permits, special use permits and other administrative authorizations necessary for the construction and operation of a Bad Daddy Burger Bar restaurant, within ____ days of the approval of the Rental Plans by the owner. from the date of service of the written notification to the lessor and the remaining deposit to the tenant, and all rents paid in advance are proportionately. Agreements entered into by other third parties. As a precondition for the performance of this Agreement by the Licensor, the Licensee, when requested by the Licensor, shall require each of its directors and supervisory agents, to whom confidential information is disclosed, to implement a competition, non-cancellation and/or confidentiality agreement, as prescribed from time to time by the Licensor. restaurants of another type, which operate under brands other than trademarks, which own, operate, franchise or license; and the licensor in this case owns the trademark “Marilyn Monroe” (the trademark) and concedes the use of this name to the complaining licensees for use in their themed restaurants. . .


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