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Elrc Collective Agreement 4 Of 2016

SADTU supports and welcomes Collective Agreement No. 3 of 2018, which provides for mandatory investigations by arbitrators in cases of disciplinary action against educators accused of sexual misconduct towards learners. We hope that this agreement will ensure that cases of sexual misconduct are resolved quickly, as it will streamline the process and provide a one-time stop process through arbitration. 19.4 The collective agreement has not been respected with respect to the necessity and nature of a transfer. This comment was based on their evidence of the harsh impact of the transmission on their personal circumstances. The arbitrator expressed sympathy for Chokoe`s situation. It stated, however, that its jurisdiction did not insist on determining the fairness of the application of the agreement and that it was limited to determining whether the resolution procedures had been complied with. Mugwena Maluleke, General Secretary of SADTU, said that the union, the largest in the education sector, has signed the agreements that will guarantee the permanent employment of teachers as part of the provision of quality education as a right for children; ensure the re-employment of teachers and protect learners from sexual predators. “These agreements go a long way in ensuring peace at work in the education sector and a safe environment for learners to unmask teachers who sexually harass them,” maluleke said. [11] With respect to her assertion that she was entitled to a transfer to Taxila, the adjudicator found that, in the absence of a recommendation from the school administration, the Claimant could not be transferred or permanently appointed to taxila in the absence of a recommendation from the school`s administrative body, which was absent for general reasons. On the other hand, it may have misinterpreted the form it signed as a final transfer form, so that the obstacle of non-granting of GBS consent cannot be overcome.

The collective agreement provided that any transfer had to take place within the meaning of ยงยง6 and 8 Educational Law, which required a recommendation from the SGB for the execution of a transfer. From a legal point of view, there has been no transfer that it can make. The interpretation of the collective agreement has not even been made. The country`s Constitution, which respects sadtu members, is based on human rights. The SADTU Code of Conduct, which precedes the country`s constitution, was based on human rights and the protection of learners from sexual harassment. The code of conduct adopted in 1990 prohibited a teacher from having sex with the learner. We see this collective agreement as a continuation of our code of conduct and congressional resolutions on teachers exploiting our children. Seeing our learners as sexual objects is hated by our SADTU Union. In the teaching profession, it is a question of taking care of children and spotting them on different platforms for listening to psychological trauma, it was not justifiable and had to stop. .

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