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Stock Transfer Scheduling Agreement

Setting up the availability test for materials to be transferred For materials to be transferred from one plant to another, you can have the requested quantity verified. If you change the layout data (for example. B quantity or date) on the planning screen in repositioning accounts (order, order request and delivery plan), the system automatically verifies availability. This implies assigning a control rule for availability controls in customizing for purchase. In transfer titles, partial delivery and delivery indicators are relevant to items. In the “purchase mm” component, a contract is a kind of purchase framework contract, against which agreed equipment or services can be issued when necessary for a given period of time. I mean, is there a way to get rid of the need to manually reload for manufacturing orders? something like a list of automated manufacturing commissions? You can request a reshuffle in an order request. These specifications are used when deliveries with transfer plans are made through the SAP component “ENVOI SD”, i.e. deliveries against the delivery plan are recorded in the SD shipping system. The test rule is specified here, you determine the needs or stocks to check before the transfer. Testing method for proofs of re-adjustment: a check on the availability of relocation certificates during rescheduling is carried out in accordance with the test carried out during the manual preparation of a proof. However, if the required quantity is not available for a calendar on a given date and is not ready until later, new classifications will be established for relocation and delivery plans containing the relevant data. In this case, new positions are created for conversion requirements.

The total ranking amounts for a processed calendar position correspond to the ranking volume of the initial calendar line. First example: Use a transfer command post with aschedule line:a) item status before reprogramming run:Del. date PO quantity Confirmed qty Confirmed del. date23.07. 50 Article 0 Article -> This now affects the inventory/need situation:- The output of goods is reserved for equipment in the delivery plant on 23.07.- An order for 10 items for equipment in the delivery plant. Delivery is expected on 29.07.07.b) Status of the repositioning command post after reprogramming:Del. Date Quantity PO Confirmed qty Confirmation date23.07. Article 40 Article 40 Article 10 Article 10 Article 29.07. > The first classification has been modified based on the results of the reprogramming test.

Only 40 of the 50 original items were delivered on 23.07. Therefore, a new classification will be established for the remainder on 29.07. 10 confirmed items. The second example is the same starting situation as the example above. This > now has an impact on the stock/need situation: for the equipment in the delivery plant, an order is made for 10 items. Extradition is expected on 29.07. Another purchase shows 40 other items planned on the 30.07.Status of the transfer position after the run:Del reprogramming. Date PO Quantity Confirmed qty best-tigt del.

datum29.07. Article 10 Article 10 Article 40 Article 40 Article 30.07. > The first classification has been modified based on the results of the reprogramming test. The original delivery date is set for the date confirmed in the ATP cheque. For the remaining 40 items available on 30.07.Notes, a new classification is created: Is it possible that this STSA could work for relocation operations in storage locations such as production positions and may be associated with production order authorization??? In this step, you enter the shipping-specific data for inter-factory relocation processing. B for example the customer number of the delivery plant.

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