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Letter Of Agreement For The Cooperation For All Pis

2. Under this agreement, each party may submit proposals for extension of the scope of cooperation, taking into account the experience gained during its application. I can confirm that my government agrees with the content of your letter. (a) to grant each other the traffic of the most favoured nation in the exchange of goods in all areas specifically covered by the agreement, at the discretion of both parties in the context of trade unions or free trade zones, trade agreements with neighbouring countries or specific obligations arising from international agreements on goods; 4. The agenda for joint committee meetings is agreed on between the parties. 5. The parties agree that it is also the responsibility of the Joint Committee to ensure the proper functioning of all sectoral agreements concluded or likely to be concluded between the Community and Cambodia. In order to facilitate cooperation under this agreement, the Cambodian authorities provide community officials and experts with the necessary guarantees and facilities to carry out their duties. The detailed provisions are set in a separate exchange of letters.

(a) to look for ways to establish cooperation in the area of maritime transport leading to market access on a commercial and non-discriminatory basis, taking into account the work of other international bodies in this area; (c) strengthen cooperation in areas closely linked to economic progress and the benefits of both sides; CO-OPERATION AGREEMENT between the European Community and the Kingdom of Cambodia, on the one hand, and the government of the CAMBODGE ROYAUME, on the other, referred to as “the contracting parties”, SE RESSITY of the increase in trade and cooperation between the European Community, referred to as “Community”, and the Kingdom of Cambodia, NOTE the excellent relations and friendly relations and cooperation between the Community and Cambodia; REAFFIRMING the importance of a further strengthening of relations between the Community and Cambodia; NOTE the importance that the parties attach to the principles set out in the United Nations Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the 1993 Vienna Declaration and the World Conference on Human Rights Action Plan, the 1995 Copenhagen Declaration on Social Development and the 1995 Action Plan, as well as the 1995 Beijing Declaration and the Action Plan of the Fourth World Conference on Women 1995; NOTE THE common desire to strengthen, deepen and diversify relations between the parties in areas of mutual interest based on equality, non-discrimination, mutual benefits and reciprocity; NOTE the desire of the parties to create favourable conditions for the development of trade and investment between the Community and Cambodia and the need to respect the principles of international trade, the aim of which is to promote trade liberalization in a stable, transparent and non-discriminatory manner; CONSIDERING that the ongoing economic reform process should be supported to ensure the transition to a market economy, taking due account of the importance of social development, which should go hand in hand with economic development and a common commitment to respect social rights; CONSIDERING that the Cambodian government`s efforts to improve the living conditions of the poorest and most disadvantaged populations should be supported, with particular emphasis on the status of women; CONSIDERING that the parties attach importance to environmental protection at all levels and sustainable management of natural resources, taking into account the links between the environment and development; SE RESPARMENT FOR having designated this agreement as plenipotentiary:COUNCIL OF EUROPEAN UNION:Hans Van MIERLOVice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Current President of the Council of the European Union,Manuel MAR-NVice-President at the Commission of the European Communities,The Royal Government of Cambo

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