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Interlocal Agreement Definition

An interlocal agreement is a written contract between local authorities such as a city, county, school board or constitutional office. Whenever a public service includes the joint operations and budgets of two or more local authorities, an interlocal agreement must be drawn up and approved by all parties, the governing body of each government – a school board, a city council, a district commission – finalizing the agreement by vote. Interlocal agreements may include a sheriff`s office that provides police services to a city, such as the Flagler County Sheriff`s contract agreement with Palm Coast, or a school board that conducts joint operations with a city or county to operate certain parks, or a municipality and election supervisor that organizes election services. Although there is no penalty for failure to file or post agreements, a decision of the Court of Appeal, plaggemeier State (1999) considered that an agreement was not valid if it had not been filed or reserved as requested by RCW 39.34.040. Plaggemeier was decided after an earlier version of RCW 39.34.040, which required the submission of an interlocal agreement with the district commissioner and the secretary of state. However, these statutes have been amended twice and now require only the presentation of the agreement to the county auditor or the registration on the Agency`s website. Plaggemeir is also important with the modification of the legal language, as it indicates that an interlocal agreement could be invalidated by a court if it is not properly filed or mentioned. Volume purchases generally result in lower costs, so cities can enter into inter-local cooperative sales contracts with counties, states or other public agencies to save money. This agreement allows various public bodies to save money on goods ranging from capital goods to paper copying. Inter-local agreements can be renewed each year or revoked by either agency if the agreement does not work. Inter-local agreements between public bodies should be mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Essentially, an inter-local agreement is a cooperation contract between public bodies aimed at providing more efficient and less costly public services. It is likely that the public bodies of your municipality enter into inter-local agreements every year.

Perhaps your city`s animal control officer also provides services in neighbouring communities. This is probably the result of an inter-local agreement. This page provides an overview of inter-local cooperation for local governments in Washington State, including examples of inter-local agreements. Some local governments have entered into agreements or have adopted policy measures in which they intend to establish opportunities for joint coordination and action on issues of common interest with neighbouring jurisdictions. See examples of agreements and policies: One or more municipalities or agencies may enter into inter-local agreements for common services. For example, a municipality could encourage a school authority to maintain its vehicles when it operates a garage for the repair and maintenance of school buses. The shared use of resources saves taxpayers` money, because the municipality pays the school board through the inter-local agreement — it does not need to maintain its own garage and recruit staff. The Washington Interlocal Cooperation Act, Ch. 39.34 RCW, authorizes public bodies to enter into contracts with other public bodies for interlocal agreements that allow cooperation between agencies to conduct government-led activities and provide public services.

The law also allows the creation of non-profit businesses to achieve these goals.

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