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Holy Shit Piss Fuck Ass Whore…..

I can’t believe it….it was some crazified exchange of complete bullshit. My Live Journal just started working at home for no reason….and only at the expense of my radio not really working properly. Goddamn thing, I think I’d rather have the radio….but I’m sure that’s why it has gone and decided to fuck itself at my displeasure. Anyway….for those of you who do not get to see me on a daily basis I’ve been up to tons of shit…..I have an Earth Day poster hanging up at school, and I’m gonna take a picture of it for this portfolio website that I’m working on…the website looks a lot like a crazed Easter Egg Hunt, only the eggs are hunting you. It’s nothing like the corporate site I’m doing for the security company…..but that one’s coming along as well thanks for asking. I like the retro-styled one the best. My Alice picture is done enough to turn in and it’ll be hanging up in the hallway soon, I’ll try to upload a version of it…..that’ll probably make it to the Easter Egg Website….Anywho, I gotsta go to class….

n i ck


P.S.S. – Oh….I had this crazy dream I inherited all these 7 inch records and….it was crazy, ask me about it.