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Brandon Possible

12.19.2004 by The Stza

at some point on the morning of friday, december 17th
our friend & drummer brandon died in his sleep at a
dallas, texas hotel after our show at the red blood
club. there will be a funeral for him in n.j. on
wednesday the 22nd. We will ask his blood-family if
they want the location posted here for anybody who
wishes to attend.

brandon was not only the most talented drummer we have
ever played with, but anyone that knew him can tell
you that he was one of nicest funny & caring people in
the world. at a time when i became totally
disillusioned & turned off from playing music he
showed-up to completely inspire me & remind me about
the fun & meaning of what it was that we were doing.
We will miss him with all of hearts & minds until we
meet our own ends.