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Losing at Scrabble is my Religion

Dear Your Name Here,

Web Design class is some bunk-ass shit. I left all the files for my website at home….or something like that. The Turkey Day vacation rotted my brain and I need to sleep forever. I made this funny-ass thing with crayons for class at 5 this morning before I went to sleep. I think I spent all of a half hour on it…..then I passed out with my pen in my hand. Nicci kicked me at 8:30, and now I’m here. I think I’m going to sleep. Staphni Heroin is my only fanclub member. I apologize if my previous letter may have offended anyone. On a random note, I somehow beat Nicci at Scrabble yesterday. Now that it’s in print on the internet it must be true. I need to eat breakfast.

Yours for the night,
n i ck

P.S. – BCR band group photos are in December. Tim, Nicci and Borguno already know….so…….everyone else, yeah.